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Dan Bochner, Player Development Coach – SKA Saint Petersburg, KHL and Head Player Development Coach – Russian Ice Hockey Federation

Dan Bochner has about a unique a resume as you will find in hockey, especially for someone still under 40. Dan is the founder of Universal Hockey, an elite development academy for hockey players. Universal Hockey was established in 2010, with the purpose of creating a superior standard of practice with respect to training and development. Daniel set out to transform current training models available, and create a system which ensures the evolution of the ‘complete player’. He has done so, by incorporating a multidisciplinary approach into Universal Hockey, addressing both the physical and psychological make up of the player. The result has been the evolvement of a distinguished, high caliber training academy, a true cut above the rest.

In addition to his work with Universal Hockey, in mid 2018 Dan undertook the dual role of Player Development Coach for the KHL SKA Hockey Club - the sports club of the Russian army and Director of Player Development for the Russian Ice Hockey Federation. Dan is uniquely positioned to share a lot of insights with North American coaches.

Prior to the development of Universal Hockey, Daniel spent 5 years playing junior hockey in Canada and 3 seasons playing professional hockey in Europe. In addition, Daniel has played in 13 IIHF World Championships, collecting a total of 5 IIHF medals along the way (2 Gold, 1 Silver and 2 Bronze).


Daniel brings a wealth of international experience having played, instructed or coached in over 17 countries worldwide. He has become a forerunner in setting the precedent of what elite hockey training development should look like.

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